Friday, March 27, 2009

What’s Happening in Tampines Blk 2xx Estate?

Lotsa Lift Upgrading going on in this area.
These projects definately will provide the residents with more convenience in the near future.
Very soon, the lifts will be stopping @ every floor.

Park Connector
Connecting Tampines to Pasir Ris
Connecting Tampines to Bedok & all the way to East Coast Park

Tampines Green Park
Green Garden!!
Beautiful place to spend you evening here with your Neighbour & Friends.

Tampines East Community Club
There is a 24Hrs Mac in this Building.
Free Internet Access to do your work here with your Laptop.

Tampines Blk 201 Market Place
Lotsa Malay Coffeeshops for you to meet up with your old friends for supper.

Tampines Junior College
2 Tampines Avenue 9
Telephone No.: 6784-1955

Tampines Blk 230
Can you see the wavy flats?

Chinese Temple Oppsite Tampines Blk 259
Quite a Big Temple!!
Lotsa Events will be held here on special Occasions

Church of the Holy Trinity

Tampines Street 11
Telephone No.: 6784-2332

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